By eliminating surface imperfections, you not only restore your paintwork, you help to protect and maintain your vehicles resale value. Even brand-new
vehicles have fine micro scratches on them. During production and transport even new cars endure wear that results in fine scratches. If you want to ensure
your new cars paint lasts for years to come, it is always good to start with a light paint correction.


Your vehicle endures many elements that can wear on your paint causing it to look dull and hazy. Paint Correction involves properly removing fine micro
scratches, swirl marks (look like spider webs, or holograms), buffing trails, rain spots, and random isolated deep scratches also known as (RIDS).
In order to properly correct these unsightly imperfections from your cars paint this is the process that is taken.


Paint Correction is an extensive time consuming process that will make your paint pop to a glossy shine!
This process can take several hours of professional care to remove swirl marks, paint over spray, micro scratches, oxidization, and haze on paint.
So when planning to give your car this tender loving care be sure to make an appointment so we can take the time needed to bring out your cars full beauty!


1. Washing & Drying: We then take care in washing and drying the vehicle thoroughly.
2. Clay Bar: This is the process of removing decontaminates with an application and removal of clay bar. This removes over spray and contaminates that
can potentially scratch the paint during the wet sanding, buffing, and polishing process.
4. Wet Sand: We then we sand the vehicle with a fine paper grit, which removes the top layer of clear coat.
5. Buff & Polish: Next, we buff and polish accordingly to the situation, as each cars paint needs are different, calling for different methods, pads, and
polishes to complete the look each customer is looking for.
6. Sealing & Waxing: The last and final step is sealing and waxing the paint. As with step four there are different types of sealant that can be applied.
This is where each client can choose the appropriate package to customize the look for their vehicle.