New Car Detailing

So now that you have purchased your new car, its time to prep it to ensure it stays looking new for a long time. Most people think a new car is perfectly clean, but you would be surprised how much dirt and dust a new car can pick up in the shipping process and test drives.
* It is best to clean the wheel wells, tires, and rims/hub caps to carefully de-grease and remove any brake dust dirt and grime. We use soft brushes taking special care not to scratch any aluminum or chrome. Then apply a quality ph balanced wheel gel to protect the tires.
 * A thorough washing of the vehicle carefully removing any surface oils and grime for a clean surface to work on.
 * A clay bar treatment will be performed further removing debris from paint often picked up from boat and railroad shipment of the vehicle to the dealership. Then another wash or wipedown of the vehicle is needed to remove excess residue from the clay bar.
 * A taping of any trim or parts we dont want polish on.
 * Polishing the paint to capture a maximum glossy shine.
 * Cleansing the paint work is needed to remove any leftover polishing oils. This will properly bond the sealant wax for full term durability.
 * A paint sealant will be applied and later wiped off giving it time to bond to the paint.
 * Now it is time to remove all dust from the interior. Carefully working from top to bottom all dust will be blown out and vacuumed leaving a completely clean interior. Then there will be a protectant of all vinyl, plastics and rubber. Also a conditioning of any leather is also performed.
 * Doors jambs will be completely cleaned
 * Now it is time to wipe off the sealant that has now bonded to the paint giving maximum shine.
 * The windows will be cleaned and shined of any streaks or haze for optimal driving vision and new car appeal.

 * A last and final wipe down and inspection of the vehicle to ensure there are no finger prints taking that special care, giving your car a show room finish!