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  • Every company that has a commercial car and truck fleet, needs commercial washing and detailing on a regular basis. Not only will this differentiate your fleet from the competition, it will also add lasting value to your fleet of vehicles. The appearance of your corporate car or truck will make you stand out from the rest, it will set you in a higher class to help upscale your business. Some studies have been known to show that a seller with a cleaner fleet tends to have better sales than the competition.
  • Your companies commitment to excellence will show when maintaining a clean fleet of vehicles. This will help to keep and maintain the value of your company as well. When dealing with a fleet of vehicles, you cannot control all depreciating factors such as age, and mileage but you can make a difference with good maintenance, and appearance. Regular fleet washing and detailing will help keep your fleet looking good at all times which in place helps you increase your sales by 50% Your customers will appreciate the cleanliness and freshness of your fleet making them comfortable and coming back with repeat business.
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  • Our fleet detailing includes but is not limited to car rental companies, limousine services, company cars, executive rentals, car dealers, and much more… Expressway detailing has detailed, and auto reconditioned many car dealerships fleets over the years and has a reputation in specializing the right individualized package for your fleets specific needs. We pride our selves on good quality, and offer some of the most competitive pricing around.

Take comfort in knowing that your used vehicle will look like new once we have done a complete and thorough detail. Once Expressway puts that magic touch on your fleet vehicle feel assured your business will thrive with customer satisfaction. We are dedicated to ensuring your vehicles receive nothing but the best in quality auto detailing.

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Maintenance inside fleet cleaning!

Maintenance inside fleet cleaning!

Keep Your Brand Looking Good Fleet Detailing Cleanliness and Freshness

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